Vitality Grant

The Christian Education program has been approved for a Vitality Grant from Monmouth Presbytery for $4,200.

Late last year, CE applied for a Vitality Grant to support the addition of a Spanish speaking adult to our Kids Club team. A portion of the grant will also go towards some much needed storage space in the Multipurpose Room and Youth Lounge. We have been so pleased with how Kids Club has grown over the years. Now, with many of our young attendees having Spanish as their first language, we felt it was vital for us to have an adult present who could communicate more effectively with them, and with their families. Our goal is to break away the barriers that exist due to language and cultural differences: One-third of our children have parents who primarily speak Spanish. In order to be inclusive, we need to be able to communicate with the parents, and free children up from the responsibility of being translators.

It is also important for our Latino/a children to see someone who looks like them in a leadership role in the program. We feel it is important to develop opportunities where we learn and grow as a community serving as Christians together. A person in a leadership role is needed to help us understand how to create a fully and truly inclusive environment for all children so that a partnership is developed. We are eager to discover the concerns and gifts of our Latino/a neighbors and engage in more effective “neighboring” together.

We will look to start the interview and hiring process over the summer in hopes of having the position filled in time for the Kids Club startup in September. A hiring committee will be formed, and they will look for someone who is fluent in English and Spanish, who lives a faith-filled life, and who is able to make the commitment to our mission. We will want this person to help us with planning and to think outside of the box. Their role at Kids Club will be based on their strengths and gifts. We are very excited about this new addition, as we feel it is a necessary tool as we work towards connecting with our Latino/a neighbors.



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