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Sunday School News

The children have been learning about Worship in Sunday school. Each week they wonder, learn, and consider another aspect of Worship. After their lesson the children break off to explore Worship a bit deeper through games, art, or video/drama. It has been exciting to hear their questions as well as the teacher’s way of creating a learning experience that meets the children where they are at! Ginger Marcus, Donna Scheifele, Dave Teich and Tom Walton each headed up a section to make Sunday morning interactive. Ginger Marcus used small cars and ramps to explore the prayer of confession with a group, Donna Scheifele drew in the sanctuary for art, and Dave Teich led a group around with a video camera. The youngest participant learned how to turn the camera on and the older children were able to do a little more. All experiences were interactive, hands on, and enjoyed!



Kids Club News

Leticia Pollard-Torres has been a wonderful addition to our Kids Club team. It has been amazing watching her fit in beautifully with all of the children and opening communication to all of our Kids Club families.

Children ages 4–6th grade have begun to meet as a junior youth group. Weekly they help set up for dinner and if needed help with the clean up. They explore a spiritual question each week and dig deeper in scripture. In October they took rocks that were painted by the younger children and hid them around Hightstown with a blessing poem. When you walk around Peddie Lake see if you see one of their hidden treasures!

The poem was adapted from a rock/poem pairing that Dilys Henninger found in her travels and shared. If you see something that might work in Kids Club or any CE program be sure to bring back a sample to share with Mary Maleski!





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