From the Pastor

November is the season of giving thanks! In our congregation, it is also the time to seek God’s direction during our annual stewardship campaign. Our stewardship campaign begins on November 3rd and concludes on November 24th when our pledges will be dedicated in worship.

Stewardship is one of those “Churchy” words that sometimes could do with a little explanation. It comes from the Bible, and is the understanding that all that we have, and all that we are, are gifts given to us by a generous God so that we might use them for God’s good purposes. For those of you familiar with financial and estate planning, we are the trustees of God’s assets, given to us not to own and use for our enjoyment only, but entrusted to us to use as if they belonged to God. The truth of the gospel is that our resources, and we ourselves, belong to God.

This month we will have the chance to pray and ponder one aspect of our stewardship: our decision about pledging monetary support to this congregation. What financial commitment is God encouraging us to make to the work of this congregation in 2020? God’s Positioning System will direct our path toward generous giving. Later this month, you will receive a letter and a narrative budget inviting your prayerful consideration of your 2020 pledge to the work of God carried out in and through the First Presbyterian Church of Hightstown.

Please join me in worship the four Sundays of November as we consider together how and where God is leading us. And join me in praying about what generosity God is calling us to that we might follow God’s GPS with faith and generosity.

Grace and Gratitude,





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