We rely on generous donations from people like you.

Stop Gap Fund

People from our congregation donate money during our Thanksgiving Offering to the Stop Gap Fund. It is for people that are in dire straights and need a little assistance. Something has happened in their lives and they are in need of some help. More people are living pay check to pay check and a bump in the road could spell disaster.

It seems that people needing help comes in waves. There have been many requests. Some we can help, some we can not. There were times when the help needed was too great. We try to help on a need basis. We have helped with cell phone bills, electric bills, rent, utility bills, car insurance and application fees. Thanks to a generous donor, we did have a large amount of money to work with this year.

I am always so thankful for my family, my church family, my health and my faith. It gives me great comfort and appreciation. Working with Stop Gap makes me realize how very fortunate I am. This is a more challenging time of year for many people. The needs are so great. The appreciation and relief that appears when we can help is overwhelming.

Please prayerfully consider your donation to Stop Gap through the Thanksgiving Offering and thank you for being so generous. One thing that is for sure, whatever you give goes directly to helping someone.


Madelyn Christie



One Great Hour of Sharing

Remember that storm we call Hurricane SANDY? Those storms that caused flooding in North and South Carolina this past summer? Those earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and human caused disasters around our country? The fires and shootings that take a toll on the lives of our congregations, friends and neighbors?

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is there to help – whether to provide food and shelter, organization and comfort or volunteers and housing to maintain rebuilding. It is one of the three denominational efforts supported by the ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING offering. OGHS is the only denominational support PDA receives—other than outside donations and grants.

Look for further information in the Sunday bulletins and for those ubiquitous fish boxes. Our offerings will be collected on Palm Sunday this year, April 9th. For more information or to volunteer email Walt Vincent.


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